• Consultancy services regarding discovery of potential opportunities withinthe scope ofincentive legislations,
  • Analyses and feasibility studies regarding the state of investments of the enterprises against incentives,
  • Application for incentive certificate, services for tracking and closing,
  • Audit and consultancy services regarding compliance with applicable law of the present researchand development activities,
  • CPA (Certified Public Accountant) research and development deduction certification report,
  • Preparation of documentation and reports required by TIFPD (Technology and Innovation Funding Programs Directorate) and similar public enterprises for the incentives regarding research and development activities and consultancy services inthis field,
  • Preparationof price exemption reports regarding Technocity price exemptions,
  • Preparationof annual financial audit reportregarding Technocity incentives,
  • Preparationof Pre-Assessment Report regarding industrial proprietary rights,
  • Preparationof CPA Certification Report regarding earnings exemptions with respectto research and development activities.
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