Recently, enterprises receive supportfrom expert companiesfor accounting Services and producing some reports and documents required by the management and this trend is getting more and more popular each day.

Withexperience, technical knowledge and capability of transacting business, IDA provides following services to customers for helping them to perform their daily tasks with lower costs.


  • Bookkeeping in in accordance with Turkish Legislations,
  • Periodic inspection of accounting records,
  • Developing more efficient systems by inspection of accounting infrastructure,
  • Preparation of accounting manuals.

Corporate Services

  • Preparationof Annual Income and CorporateTax Declarations and quarterly provisional tax return declarations and their submittal to the Tax Office,
  • Preparationof VAT and brief/summary declarations and their submittal to the Tax Office,
  • Establishment of domestic and foreign capital companies and capital increase,
  • Arrangement of Articles of Association, General Assembly Minutes and other legal documents,
  • Investment consultancy and incentive procedures,

Payroll and Social Security Processes

  • Preparation of payrolls,
  • Arrangement of social security declarations,
  • Preparationof legal notifications regarding starting and leaving ajob,
  • Calculation of payments in lieu of notice and severance.

Management Reports

  • Preparation of periodical financial statements and managerial accounting reports,
  • Arrangement of financial statements in in accordance with national and international accounting standards
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