Our main services at this field is as following.

Company merger and acquisitions.

  • Analysis of risks and opportunities during company merger and acquisitions.
  • Specifying probable legal and practical difficulties to occur during the processand designationof required proposalsfor successfully ending the process,
  • Specifying additional values to arise in in consequence of merger and acquisition and designation of proposals for developing company,
  • Consultancy services at reconciliation and reconstruction stages after merger and acquisition.

Services regarding Public Offering and Capital Markets

  • Inspection of financial and legal structures of the enterprises for public offering of company shares and rendering them compliant with CMB legislations,
  • Designation of the best public offering strategy,
  • Consultancy services regarding exchange operations and financial reporting after public offering upon the liabilities with regard to capital market.

Valuation and Due Diligence Services

  • Public offering, block sales, merger and acquisition services,
  • Verification of the debtspresenton the financial statements and designationof off-balance sheet liabilities,
  • Identification of liabilities to arise from agreements and lawsuits,
  • Identification of intellectual property rights and legal and commercial states of trademarks,
  • Identification of legal state of real estates and other limited property rights and ascertaining present encumbrances.

Project Financing

  • Detailed financial, economic and technical assessmentof the project and preparationof feasibility report,
  • Developing cash flow for the project,
  • Preparation of project documents and assistance for the relationships with financial institutions and banks erican Inter Arrangement of Security Lease Certificate export program for investors seeking for ex-interest returns for their savings national
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