Accurate and credible financial statements produced by the enterprise is a requirement in order to protect rights and interests of share and stakeholders and ensure healthy decision about the company. This requirement brings the concept of "transparency" into forefront. Ensuring transparency in enterprises depends on two conditions. These are, preparation of financial statements inline with certain standards and an audit conducted by an independent auditing firm.

IDA’s independent audit approachprioritize professional competency, independency and objectivity; in a wider sense, quality assurance is always a key concept. Audit services provided by IDATurkey is not limited to an independent audit report regarding financial statements, operations and cash flow. Additionally it also contains opinions and suggestions assisting customers improve their enterprises.

IDA Bağımsız Denetim has Authorization Certificates from CMB (Capital Market Board), BRSA, EMRA, Public Oversight Body and Besides performing all sorts of national audits, IDA also provides financial statement audit services prepared in accordance with IFRS and Accounting and Reporting Standards approved in USA (US GAAP).

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